Strategy of environmentally friendly production

Environmental protection has long been one of the central topics of our organization. Through the Think Blue. Factory. environmental strategy we aimed to decrease the environmental impact by 25 % until year 2018 as compared to 2010. We successfully reached this milestone.

Progressing to the current Zero Impact Factory environmental strategy, we have set ourselves new bold challenges. We are implementing a comprehensive package of measures, by which we want to become a company with neutral CO2 footprint. Our objective is to have a production with no impact on the environment.

Through Zero Impact Factory we set up our version of ecological production and logistics. It is our contribution to the climate protection, and Volkswagen's strategic action towards CO2-neutral mobility.

Production operations

Volkswagen Slovakia uses the best technology on the market in its production halls

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Zero Impact Factory Strategy

Our environmental strategy.

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Environmental Management System

We manage the principles of the environmental and energy management system

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Department Head

Mgr. Michaela Hletková Ploszeková MBA
Tel.: +421 902 471 299


Environmental Representative

Alexander Matušek
Tel.: +421 2 6964 2410