Strategy of environmentally friendly production

Focus on the environment does not merely mean environmentally friendly cars. In 2011 Volkswagen Slovakia therefore adopted a common strategy for the environmentally friendly production of cars by the Volkswagen brand called Think Blue. Factory. Its aim is to stand at the forefront of the automotive industry by 2018, both from economic and environmental viewpoints.

Part of this aim is to reach a 25 % reduction in five environmental indicators in comparison with 2010:
- energy consumption
- water consumption
- amount of produced and disposed waste
- amount of CO2 emissions produced
- and the amount of emissions of volatile organic compounds produced

Volkswagen’s Think Blue. Factory. strategy is carrying out the vision of environmentally friendly mobility, the efficient use of natural resources and sustainable development.

Production operations

Volkswagen Slovakia uses the best technology on the market in its production halls

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Think Blue. Factory. Strategy

A strategy of ecological production which takes the environment into account

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Environmental Management System

We manage the principles of the environmental and energy management system

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Department Head and Environmental Representative

Michaela Ploszeková
Tel.: +421 2 6964 2593


Think Blue. Factory. Representative

Alexander Matušek
Tel.: +421 2 6964 2410