• 20 years of Volkswagen Slovakia
• Five brands under one roof

The first vehicle of the new NSF series leaves the Bratislava plant during the second half of 2011. Volkswagen, SEAT and Škoda models are available to customers in three-door and five-door versions. The Bratislava plant of Volkswagen Slovakia hereby becomes unique in the world by producing five different car brands “under one roof.”


  • Putting a press shop into operation with the most powerful press in the Volkswagen Group.
  • Volkswagen Slovakia wins the international award “Factory of the Year.”
  • Start of the manufacturing of Volkswagen’s first fully electric vehicle, the Volkswagen e-up!
  • Manufacturing of the 6,000,000th gearbox.


  • Felix Baumgartner lands at the Bratislava plant by helicopter to accept a special Touareg V8 TDI with 340 horsepower.
  • Manufacturing of the 250,000th Volkswagen up!


  • The start of the manufacturing of the 2nd generation Audi Q7 in one of the most modern body shops in the world.
  • Hockey player Marián Hossa with the Stanley Cup is at Volkswagen Slovakia.
  • The “Chairless Chair” is a new piece of technology that improves ergonomics in the workplace. It was the first of its kind to be introduced in Slovakia at the Bratislava plant.
  • The 500,000th Volkswagen up! is produced and 750,000 New Small Family vehicles are produced.
  • The foundation stone of the new Porsche assembly hall is laid.