First steps

On 12 March 1991, the Government of the Slovak Republic, Bratislavské automobilové závody, a.s. (BAZ) and the Volkswagen Group sign a basic agreement of business intent and for the creation of a new company.

Establishment of Volkswagen Bratislava

By signing an agreement on the transfer of assets and a memorandum of association, the company Volkswagen Bratislava, s.r.o is established in the territory of BAZ in Devínska Nova Ves. Shares in the new company are owned by Volkswagen AG (80 %) and BAZ (20 %).

The first “Bratislava” Volkswagens

Mass production of Volkswagen vehicles starts in Bratislava on 14 February 1992. The first red and white 3rd generation Volkswagen Passat vehicles leave the plant. At this time an “incredible” 15 vehicles per day are manufactured.

The most produced VW model

In January 1994, the manufacturing of the most successful VW model comes to Bratislava. Manufacturing of the 3rd generation Volkswagen Golf starts, which would later become one of the most produced models at the Bratislava plant.

Not only cars

On 22 August 1994, car manufacturing of the first large foreign investor in Slovakia is joined by gearbox assembly. Manufacturing starts with three types of gearboxes for the Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Passat models.