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Volkswagen Slovakia is continuously seeking to improve its business relations with its suppliers. Department of customer/supplier relationships is actively involved in this process.

At Volkswagen Slovakia new effective systems are used in order to achieve a quicker method for processing incoming and outgoing invoices and shortening the deadlines for reporting payments for supplies of materials or services. For this reason, the processing of invoices and the paper form of supplier invoicing is being optimized and is at present replaced as much as possible by IT processing systems. 

Our suppliers can choose from various methods of submitting and processing invoices. 


Issuing invoices in the name and on the account of the supplier (Section 75 of the VAT Act) is suitable for invoicing the supply of production material. The advantage of this method is the electronic exchange of data, making the process of submitting and processing invoices for deliveries of material by our suppliers better and quicker.  

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Electronic customer invoicing for Volkswagen Slovakia

Another option for sending invoices in electronic form is the "pdf" format, especially suitable for the supply of services and additional materials.

If you are interested, contact please:

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Supplier-customer relations

  • Monika Ácsová
  • Tel.: +421 2 6964 2796
  • Monika.Acsova @

For more information about forms of invoicing:

  • Tatiana Nováková
  • Tel.: +421 2 6964 3184
  • tatiana.novakova @

Address for sending invoices per post:

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