Foreign interns

We offer internships to foreign students in technical or economic fields of study. Practical training usually lasts four to six months.

Conditions for foreign intern placements:

  • The applicant is a university student during the internship
  • The field of study is according to the requirements of the specialist unit
  • Good study results
  • Active written and spoken German language skills
  • Independent, communicative and works well in a team

Placement opportunities for foreign students:

  • Vehicle production – body shop, paint shop, assembly
  • Quality assurance
  • Planning/Industrial engineering
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Maintenance
  • IT and management processes
  • PR/ Communication
  • The environment
  • Finance department

Examples of tasks for university students (Slovak and foreign):

  • Cooperation on projects in different departments
  • Analysis and documentation of technical problems
  • Independent specialized activities
  • Preparation and presentation of documents
  • Evaluating, comparing and processing company data
  • Managing databases and entering data into relevant systems
  • Organization and planning deadlines
  • Cooperation in the development and setup of processes and systems
  • Administrative support as needed by departments 

Application for practical experience – foreign interns

If you are a foreign student and are interested in practical experience at VW SK, send us your CV, letter of motivation, marks and other confirmations and certificates together with a completed application to the email address above.