Secondary school practical experience at Volkswagen Slovakia

Volkswagen Slovakia offers pupils from secondary vocational schools and secondary industrial schools the opportunity to complete practical lessons at Volkswagen Slovakia.

Types of practical lessons

Professional training
Professional practical experience
Secondary vocational school
Secondary technical school
4-5 days every 2 weeks
2 weeks in the 3rd and 4th years

Rules for practical lessons for pupils at Volkswagen Slovakia

  1. Signed Contracts for the provision of practical teaching between the school and company Volkswagen Slovakia
  2. Allocation of an authorized instructor under whose leadership the practical lessons will take place
  3. Completion of the introductory program
  4. Assignment to operations under the leadership of an instructor
  5. Regular documentation reporting the completion of practical lessons (attendance sheets, assessment of pupil)

How to proceed

The school / pupil must complete the application form P030 and send it by email to the contact person (