Secondary schools

Goals of cooperation

... to secure capable graduates who show initiative, are committed, technically competent and linguistically and professionally prepared – the best of the best – for Volkswagen Slovakia

Other goals of the programm

  • To enthuse pupils and parents for mechanics
  • To expand the professional knowledge of teachers and pupils
  • To encourage more focus on the automotive industry
  • To introduce the possibility of joining VW SK
  • To organize professional workshops for teachers, grant programs, support olympiads and marketing activities
  • To support technical and practical activities
  • To support partner secondary schools
Partner secondary schools
Private Secondary Automotive Vocational School Dual Academy
J. Jonáša 5, 843 06 Bratislava
Secondary Vocational School for Information Technology
Hlinícka 1, 831 52 Bratislava
Secondary Electrotechnical Vocational School 
Učňovská 700/6, 908 45 Gbely
Secondary Vocational School
V. Paulinyho Tótha 31/5, 905 01 Senica
Secondary Industrial School of Machinery
Fajnorovo nábrežie 5, 814 75 Bratislava
Secondary Industrial Electrotechnical School 
K. Adlera 5, Bratislava


Tel.: +421-2-6964-3599
Mobile: +421 914 774 732


Secondary school practical experience at Volkswagen Slovakia

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Secondary school practical experience at Volkswagen Slovakia - Martin

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