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Volkswagen Slovakia and its factories

Bratislava plant

The production of the Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7 is taking place exclusively in the Bratislava plant. The bodies are fully welded in one of the two Body shops and are then transported to the Paint shop where they get painted in one of the 26 standard colours or a custom made colour of the customers choice. The Aggregate/Modules hall houses the preparation of the underbodies as well as production of gearboxes for various models of the Volkswagen AG brands - Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA. 

The Assembly hall, the largest hall of Volkswagen Slovakia with an area of 21 football fields, houses the important process of uniting the painted body with the underbody. It is also the hall where the finishing touches get put on the car including the wiring, wheels, seats, the steering wheel just to name a few. After the car is fully assembled it is transported via cable car to our test track for final on-road tests. After a last quality inspection by our experts it can be delivered to our customers.


Jána Jonáša 1, 843 02 Bratislava, Slowakei


Tel.: +421 2 6964 1111

Martin plant

The essential products of the Volkswagen Slovakia plant in Martin are differential gears, flanges, flanged shafts, brake drums and brake wheels. The components can be found in various models of Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA, SEAT and Porsche.


Priemyselná 1/9402, 03061 Martin, Slowakei


Tel.: +421 43 434 1111

Košice plant

The plant in Košice is responsible for preparing the cars of the Volkswagen brand for the Russian market since 2004.


Areál prekladisko Haniska, 040 66 Košice

Stupava plant

Malacká 48, 90031 Stupava, Slowakei